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Unleash Positivity, Productivity and Prosperity
21 Modules e-program for Leadership Transformation for Entrepreneurs

How is this course helpful for entrepreneurs?

Team management and motivation are crucial for entrepreneurial leaders because the cornerstone of a successful enterprise is building strong and effective teams.

Entrepreneurs have to be good at being people-oriented and having communication skills, motivational skills, and mediation skills.

The course helps you understand how to lead the organization forward and what the critical characteristics of good leadership are.

Develop leadership

Set, maximize & achieve goals

Develop a growth

Learn effective communication

Accept change & evolve

Create strategic

Build powerful inner circle

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Do you desire to learn how to set effective goals and achieve them?

Do you want to build a successful business or a start-up?

Do you want to cultivate a growth mindset?

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone?

If you have answered ,“YES” to any of the above questions, you should register for RiSE to Lead.

Why RiSE to Lead?

The learnings from this program are developed by mentoring and interacting with numerous leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

RiSE to Lead brings the best techniques and tools to build leadership skills from thousands of books by well-known authors.

You will also get an opportunity to attend a private group webinar with the ace mentor - Mr. Basesh Gala.

Each module is designed to make this program an interactive, practical knowledge-based and experience-based course.

RiSE to Lead has real-world examples and a case-based learning approach for entrepreneurs with ready-to-implement templates.

RiSE to Lead is a flexible program you can learn and benefit from it anytime, anywhere at your convenience.

Know Your Trainer - Basesh Gala

Business Mentor, Investor, Leadership Coach & Public Speaker

Business Mentor

Basesh Gala is the founder of 39 Solutions, India's leading business mentoring firm for entrepreneurs, leaders, family businesses, & MSME. Till date, he has mentored over 200+ businesses helping them grow & succeed.


Basesh has experience working with investment banks and consulting organizations at different geographical locations including Wall Street. Drawing upon his experience, he is an investor in a number of start-ups and mid-size companies.

Leadership Coach

Alongside being a leading business mentor, Basesh has also worked with entrepreneurs and professionals to​ build a​ conscious process of developing talents and competencies within individuals so that they can work more effectively with others.

Public Speaker

Basesh is an excellent public speaker. He has been invited to deliver keynotes & panel discussions at some of India's leading business and social organizations. He is also a multiple-time TedX Speaker.


Entrepreneurs Motivated


Hours of Training


Brands & Companies


Speaking Events

Recognised & Felicitated by

Mr. Basesh Gala’s Achievements, Awards & Recognitions

Forbes India Icon Cover Page

Multiple TedX Speaker

President Awardee - Dr. Kalam of India & Mr. Vyapoory from Mauritius

Economic Times recognised as Industry leader and coined BG: Business Guru for Business Growth & recipient of ET Newsmaker award

Training Leader of the Year & Best Business Training Program awarded by World HRD

Visiting Faculty at many institutions including SP Jain Family Business Management

Keynote speaker at Many regional, trade and social organisations such as JITO, Rotary, BNI chapters, Lions, KCF, JIO and many others

Extents of the course

The RiSE to Lead program comprises of 21 interactive and k modules. Each of the modules helps you develop each area of leadership and self-growth and helps us build a better version of ourselves in life.

Module 1:

Mastering leadership areas

Module 2:

Introspection by self and other circles

Module 3:

Foundation of leadership qualities

Module 4:

Transition from comfort zone to growth zone

Module 5:

Identifying the purpose

Module 6:

Determine core focus and way of living

Module 7:

Self-construction and management

Module 8:

Productive utilization of time

Module 9:

Discipline in thoughts, words and actions

Module 10:

Creating powerful habits

Module 11:

Laws of growth & success

Module 12:

Creation and achievement of goals

Module 13:

Improving happiness in and around you

Module 14:

PPP journal, a proprietary formula to implement and achieve growth and success

Module 15:

Creating a powerful group

Module 16:

Effective communication

Module 17:

Team building, improving family bonding

Module 18:

Learn ways to guide others

Module 19:

Creating a happy and loving family

Module 20:

Spiritual aspect

Module 21:

Reviewing to make us positive, productive and a prosperous leader

Get Certified!

Participants of RiSE to Lead will be awarded with a certificate signed and verified by the coach Mr. Basesh Gala

Post the certificate on LinkedIn and exhibit your expertise and credentials.


Naveen Jain

Entrepreneur, Haryana

We had registered for RiSE to Lead (RTL) course for our entire organization. The entire team doing this course has improved communication and co­ ordination in our organization and has helped us to achieve goals better.

Paras Trivedi

Student, Delhi

I have learned a lot and gained many knowledgeable insights by doing RiSE to Lead as a student. The simple summary of great books and life experiences of successful leaders is admirable.

Luxhmee Jaypaul

Career Counselor, Mauritius

I have done RiSE to Lead and it has helped me become more productive, positive and balanced in life. My work has improved and I am living a more purposeful life.

Mamata Shenoy


As a housewife, I have become more confident and productive in life after RiSE to Lead.

Suresh Vijan

Entrepreneur, Mumbai

Rise to Lead course has inspired me to introspect and become a better leader.

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