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39 Solutions partners with clients to develop research-backed customized strategies, and to build a strong brand in order to enhance the client’s ability to manage risk, attain growth and create sustainable competitive advantages.

Need for existence A sound strategy and a strong brand are tools that enable companies to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. 39 Solutions was formed because strategy management and brand insights are both a science and an art. Firms will not always have the skills, network, resources and time to create, implement, sustain, and improve strategies and their brand. A neutral perspective is also able to deliver effectively.

39 Solutions aims at being the strategy and brand insights partner for firms.

Naming 39 Solutions We believe that analytical and statistical insights help creating proven strategies backed by past, research and trends. We have therefore named our organization based on numbers to highlight our analytical and research based processes.

The numbers 3 and 9 come together to form a key, a symbol for solution, as seen in our logo. We believe in not just giving advice but creating actionable strategies that will most likely aid our clients. We strive for solutions and value long-term relationships.

The number 3 and 9 also are identical to the letters B and G respectively. BG is the initial of our founder Basesh Gala. Hence we have named our organization 39 Solutions.

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